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Met an old client

• posted on Monday, 8 March 2010 08:11
Bumped into an old client today was so good to see her and she said from September she will be looking for an au pair! great for the agency
Met up with a few au pairs for coffee this morning just checking they are settled and also good for feedback on my au pair agency

Childcare Check List Brochure

• posted on Monday, 8 February 2010 05:45
Childcare is a huge part of any child and parents life and the decision on where to place the most important thing in your life shouldn't be made lightly. As a result of the fast paced environment that we all live in we at Au Pairs Direct have decided to take matters into our own hands and have created our first PDF brochure that is available for parents to print off and use.

The brochure is meant for parents who are about to make the decision on which nursery or child minder will have the responsibility of looking after their child. It is in no means a definitive list rather a guide for the parent to take with them when visiting any prospective locations. Along with the check list it also gives parents ideas on what to do before and after your visit.

We intend to produce a whole host of useful parent helping brochures so be sure to subscribe to our blog for future updates. We believe our first brochure is an excellent aid so please feel free to share this document with as many childcare websites as possible.

To download our brochure just click on the link below:

Childcare Checklist PDF

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Getting the most out of the Au Pair experience

• posted on Wednesday, 20 January 2010 03:17
If you’re one of the thousands of households who have embraced the benefits of taking on an Au Pair, then you will more than likely be fully aware of the extent to which the extra pair of hands can lighten the load of day to day tasks. In addition to this you will no doubt have also experienced the positives an Au Pair brings socially and culturally. Making an Au Pair welcome and ensuring the most mutually advantageous environment for all involved, does however involve a little work. To help you along, we’ve compiled the following tips and advice:

Communication and Respect

Communication and mutual respect are both crucial from the outset when incorporating an Au Pair into the family. In the first few weeks especially it is vital that you invest plenty of time in helping your Au Pair to adjust to a new culture and the differences in language. Treat your Au Pair with respect, be sure to exercise patience and communicate in simple, clear language. They are not on holiday but nor are they your servant. It is prudent to bear in mind that cultural differences will make things a little strange for both of you at first.

If your Au Pair is experiencing difficulty in understanding verbal communication then it can be a good idea to write things down and advise they use a bi-lingual dictionary to translate it. Another surprisingly effective tool to help them to gain a firm grasp of English is television, not just in the form of language tutorial DVDs but also general programming, as such, installing a television in their bedroom is a great way to speed up the learning process.

Social Inclusion

To help your Au Pair build confidence and generally boost their enjoyment of their experience in the country, look to introduce them to other Au Pairs in the area and also assist them in registering with a local college. At college they will not only further build upon language skills, but also develop a social network outside of the house. As previously stated, they are not in the country purely to service your needs but also for their own enjoyment and development.

An Au Pair’s free time must be their own. By all means invite them to join in with family activities, but do not restrict them from using this leisure time in the manner of their choosing, whether that be going out or staying in their room. A well established and reputable Au Pair Agency will have outlined to all their Au pairs that you and are your partner are also likely to want time to yourself and as such, the Au Pair will respect that, especially if you have cultivated a healthy relationship with them.


If you need your Au Pair to be able to drive it is your responsibility to arrange and pay for their car insurance, equally the onus is on you to ensure that their driving licence is acceptable for driving in the UK. An Au Pair’s driving ability is likely to be unknown until they have been placed with you, as such it is good practice to arrange for a 2 hour driving lesson such that a qualified instructor can assess their driving ability and road safety, This is particularly paramount if they are expected to drive children, remember that this is your responsibility.

These pointers are only a small selection of the factors to consider when welcoming an Au Pair, but provide a solid foundation and help to ensure that both your family and your Au Pair get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from their placement.

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Cross Promoting Directories

• posted on Tuesday, 12 January 2010 01:38
Its always nice to promote other companies that we feel are worthy of promoting especially if they have returned the favour. We dont endorse any of the companies listed below but we have visited their websites and may have used their services in the past. Feel free to take a look or completely ignore its your choice.

Baby Sitters - Visit to find a qualified babysitter for your child or children plus explore our child care resources directory. - Free Health Directory and Resources for Children.

Web Directory commerce network

Bilingual & Multilingual Children's Association
Your practical web-guide to raising multilingual children. Expert advice and real world wisdom with parent discussions, tips and articles on kids growing up with multiple languages. From birth through school.

Alec's FREE CV writing, resume writing, interview questions & job search tips
FREE advice on how to dramatically improve your CV / resume, find a job and handle interviews. Plus sample CVs / resumes, cover letters, psychometric testing, a recruitment agency finder, CV / resume distribution, links to 200,000+ jobs and much more.

Baby Place

New Forum Participation

• posted on Wednesday, 30 December 2009 07:15
Au Pairs Direct like to feel that we are at the forefront of our game so when we were approached by a new forum that will be specifically aimed at helping au pairs and families interact with each other in an informal social way we were only to happy to help.

The forum isn't live yet but will be fully functional early in the new year. It will be free to register and participate and will boast a whole host of subjects and categories to get stuck into and take part in.

Being a top quality Aupair agency ourselves we think its a great idea that there will be a UK based forum for our au pairs to participate in and swap information on.

We hope you like the idea to so please keep an eye on our posts as we will be posting details of the forum in the very near future.

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AuPair Agency - First Press release

• posted on Tuesday, 22 December 2009 05:20